The goal of this project is to develop a v4l driver for the Sony R-Engine MPEG2 encoder/decoder (aka Fujitsu's MB86393). The Sony R-Engine MPEG2 encoder/decoder is found in the more recent Sony Vaio Picturebooks (model PCG-C1M* and newer).

Latest News

07 Feb 2006
Found these exploded parts diagrams for the PCG-C1MV and the PCG-C1MW
17 Dec 2005
Cedric is making some great progress identifying the innards of the PCG-C1M*. To help him I decided to dismantle my PCG-C1MT and in the process broke the clip holding the mouse ribbon cable and I scratched the screen slightly. The good news is the ribbon cable connecting the mouse still seems to make okay contact just with the pressure of the keyboard. I've made this page describing the trials and tribulations of taking your PCG-C1M* apart. Usual disclaimers about it being at your own risk apply!